Yakuza Ishin Introduces the Bakufu, Another Life, Cross Play and Dungeons

Yakuza Ishin Introduces the Bakufu, Another Life, Cross Play and Dungeons

Sega released a large batch of information and screenshots of Yakuza Ishin today, introducing quite a lot of new concepts that we’ll find in the game when it will release on February the 22nd (in Japan) for PS3 and PS4.

First of all two characters were introduced, representing the “Bakufu” faction, basically the Shogunate government.

A new section of the game called “Another Life” has also been introduced. The protagonist Ryoma Sakamoto will live a tranquil life with a girl named Haru, performing a series of activities like growing crops, cooking (and fishing), selling produce, and training pets like cats and dogs.

Ryoma’s fighting styles have also been introduced. He’ll be able to use his katana, his guns, martial arts (it’s a Yakuza game after all) or a combination of katana and guns. In perfect Yakuza style he’ll also be able to pick up improvised weapons from the surroundings and use them to deal massive damage.

It’s possible to customize weapons including katana, guns, spears, European swords and even cannons. There are tens of thousands of combinations available to the player. Materials for upgrades can be acquired in different areas of the game, and the more you upgrade your weapons, the more the blacksmith will level up, opening new possibilities.

You’ll also be able to recruit and level up your own Shinsengumi unit by recruiting fighters met in the streets. That unit can then be used to fight in the Battle Dungeon mode, where rare items can be conquered.

All these activities, together with several gambling minigames, will be available via cross-play on the PlayStation Vita, in order to level up your fighting abilities and earn money even when you’re not at home.