Yakuza Kiwami 2 Introduces its Charming Ladies and Gangsters in New Screenshots and Video

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Introduces its Charming Ladies and Gangsters in New Screenshots and Video

Yakuza Kiwami 2 gets new screenshots and a video introducing its cabaret club feature and the new clan battle tower defense minigame.

Sega released a new batch of screenshots, info and a new video of its upcoming Yakuza 2 remake Yakuza Kiwami 2.

The first focus is on the cabaret club feature, set in a pitched sales battle within the “Cabaret Club Grand Prix,” that awards the best club nationwide.

Kazuma Kiryu decides to help out a local club called “ForShine,” which lost a large part of its staff due to sabotage and bullying by a rival establishment. In this situation, business is poor, and in order to solve the problem, our protagonist decides that his last bet is to participate in the Cabaret Club Grand Prix. Winning will bring a lot of publicity, but losing will mean having to close.

As a manager, Kiryu will have to adapt to the situation created by the customers who visit the store. Increasing the stats of the hostesses will be important to serve many customers.

The Grand Prix pitches Forshine not just against other clubs in Sotembori, but nationwide. There are four leagues in the competition, and winning them one by one by beating their chempions will progress the story. Once you won them all, you’ll finally be able to challenge the Sotembori Sunshine club, which his the one that has been sabotaging Kiryu’s establishment.

In the video below you can check out the “sexy actresses” that offered their likeness and voice to the hostesses of Forshine, also showcased in the gallery.

The second focus is the returning Clan Creator feature. This time around we’ll take around of Goro Majma’s Majima Construction in a defense-style real-time-strategy game protecting the facilities of the company from enemy clans. Among them are five legendary Japanese wrestlers that gave their likeness to characters in the game.

In this minigame, you can perform missions by selecting up to nine employees, and you can also upgrade Majima Construction’s facilities by spending money. This will help with the most difficult missions.

Basically, it’s a hybrid between tower defense and RTS in which you control your nine characters to defeat waves of hundreds of enemies that want to destroy your base. If the facilities remain standing, you win. If they’re all destroyed, you lose.

Majima’s employees have their own skills that can be used in battle, and they can tip the outcome in favor of the player.

There are also limited-time missions that can be played online, including some with unique enemies and others with a very high level of challenge. Clearing them allows you to register your score in the leaderboards.

You can enjoy the screenshots and video below, and if you want to see more you can enjoy more recent trailers, dedicated to story and gameplay, and more videos on the actors, one featuring the main cast, and a second featuring additional characters. One last video features more charming ladies for the Gravure Model minigame.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 will hit the shelves in Japan on December 7th, exclusively for PS4. No western release has been announced for the moment.