Yakuza: Like a Dragon Job System, Minigames Gameplay Revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2019

Yakuza 7 also has RPG-styled enemies and RPG-like dungeons, not displayed on the map, which you can find by exploring,

September 13, 2019

Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio revealed more Yakuza: Like a Dragon gameplay on the second day of Tokyo Game Show 2019. Here’s all the gameplay along with comments from the game’s producers.

First, Toshihiro Nagoshi was on Famitsu and Dengeki’s official Tokyo Game Show 2019 Day 2 stream. They commented 22 minutes of gameplay from the fourth chapter of the game. It included story parts and battles. They also showed the Delivery Help summon system, whose name is a pun on “delivery health”, which are basically call-girl services. We saw some Mario Kart too.

A few hours later, Sega held another Yakuza: Like a Dragon stage event with the game’s staff on its official stream, revealing more gameplay. This gameplay lasted around 15 minutes and most notably showed some of Isezaki at night.


They also explained how the map remembers where you already went, with the parts you never explored staying dark. The staff also stated how Yakuza 7 actually has RPG-like dungeons, which are yakuza hideouts, not displayed on the map. You’ll need to explore to find them. They also showed off the different looks and abilities of the characters when they change Jobs.

A second stage event for Yakuza 7 was later held on Sega’s stream, still with Toshihiro Nagoshi and the game’s staff. For around 20 minutes gameplay, they showed even more battles and explained the Job change system a bit more.

In particular, they explained how Jobs are unlocked as you clear certain conditions in the game. You’ll also need to pass qualifications exams for them, and have a minimum amount in stats related to the job. In the demo, however, multiple jobs were unlocked from the start so they could show them off.
The staff also explained how they tried to include as many references to fantasy RPG games as possible. There are many enemies in the game, like these drunkards, who equip items as if using fantasy-themed equips. As you progress through the game, the enemies get stronger and will also use stronger equipment.

Lastly, later at night, the Yakuza series had its own specific TGS 2019 stream, where they showed even more gameplay of Yakuza 7 for around 23 minutes.

You can check out the English announcement trailer, the Japanese TGS trailer, and gameplay from the first day of TGS 2019 here.

PS4 exclusive Yakuza: Like a Dragon launches on January 16 in Japan and later in 2020 in the west. Be sure to check our TGS 2019 schedule as it’s still ongoing until September 15.

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