Yandere Simulator Developer Explains How Twitch Never Gave Him an Explanation After Banning His Game

Yandere Simulator is among the games banned from streaming on Twitch, and after a year its developers still has not been told why.

on January 23, 2017 5:41 AM

Yandere Simulator is certainly an intriguing game, at least considering the fact that it’s the labor of love of a lone developer who worked hard on the game for a long time and has been offering the work-in-progress version for free¬†for everyone to enjoy.

It’s also an interesting dive into the “Yandere” manga and anime stereotype, basically a lover so taken with the target of her or his desires to the point of falling into sociopath and murderous behavior.

Unfortunately, the game was banned on Twitch over a year ago, and while one could easily think that the themes of the game are at the base of the decision, there are other titles pursuing similar depictions that Twitch did not ban.

Today “YandereDev,” the developer behind the game, posted a video telling the story of the ban, and the events that followed, or more precisely, that didn’t follow.

In fact the problem isn’t just the ban, for which Twitch may has well have a legitimate reason (at least according to its own policies), but the fact that, as YandereDev explains, Twitch never¬†bothered to give him an explanation on the reasons behind the ban, and on what he could do to make his game acceptable for streaming.

Yanderedev mentions that he attempted to contact the streaming series through variety of ways, but while a few employees promised to help, Twitch basically did not give him the light of day, and never answered his question. To his day, he doesn’t know the precise reason why he was banned, nor what kind of measures he could take to fix the situation.

Ultimately, we don’t know the reason ourselves, but maybe Twitch should at least answer his questions.

If you want to know more, you can check out the video yourself. It comes with plenty of details, and even some fetching anime-style animations as a bonus. I have to admit, Twitch-chan is cute.

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