Yandere Simulator Developer Finally Gets a Response From Twitch

Yandere Simulator Developer Finally Gets a Response From Twitch

After months of waiting, the developer for Yandere Simulater has received a response from Twitch about his game being banned.

Over the past few weeks, we have been following the case for Yandere Simulator vs. Twitch.

The issue is that the game, in its current state, goes against their community guidelines and has been banned from streaming. This ban of Yandere Sim has been in place for the past 13 months and finally a Twitch representative has gotten into contact with the confused developer.

The response from Twitch states that they will never publicly announce why they banned a game because then they would also have to reveal why they banned a streamer. Evidently, this goes against their privacy policy.

Here are the points Twitch has given the developer on why they banned his game:

  • Two gameplay modes depicting characters in the nude.
  • A mechanic in which the player takes panty shots to use as currency for favors from others.
  • The only method of eliminating rivals is to murder them.
  • The setting, intent of gameplay, and age of victims indicate that the game is about violence against and sexual harassment of underage characters in a school setting.

Although these issues have been corrected in the most recent builds of the game. Twitch refuses to revisit the ban until the game is complete.

However, the developer references a popular new game being streamed, Conan Exiles, where streamers were running around naked the entire time. Even though Twitch states that they “do not going looking for games to ban” a user must complain about the stream for them to intervene. The developer remarks that he can guarantee people have complained about this game and still it’s not on the ban list.

The developer concludes that he will just ask Twitch to reevaluate the game once it’s complete.

You can watch the video below: