Yandere Simulator Getting Mysterious All-Female Student Council

Yandere Simulator Getting Mysterious All-Female Student Council

Stealth-action game Yandere Simulator dives deeper into anime tropes, with the implementation of the inevitable student council.

The anime-inspired stealth action game Yandere Simulator is getting a new feature, and it’s one that really couldn’t be missing in any game inspired by Japanese pop culture.

Lurking the halls of the game’s school, we’ll find the student council, formed by four ladies with distinct looks and personalities, themed after the four guardians of the Chinese zodiac.

We get the beautiful airhead, the super-smart and formal vice-president, the violent enforcer and the sneaky stalker, all in one convenient all-female package (and there is a story reason for their gender too). Incidentally, all appear to have secrets to hide.

Their leader, the current student council president, will be absent from school for family reasons until the last week of the game, in which she will become the ultimate rival for the player.

In the meanwhile, her underlings will patrol the school and make sure that any misbehavior is corrected, which includes pepper-spraying and restraining the player as necessary.  They’re killable, but doing so will instantly raise all security to the highest level, including the installation surveillance cameras and metal detectors.

Yandere Simulator is in development for PC, and it semi-recently got a  publishing deal with TinyBuild, that will help pushing the game to completion.