New Yandere Simulator Trailer Is All About the Delinquent Gang

New Yandere Simulator Trailer Is All About the Delinquent Gang

Yandere Simulator has just gotten a brand new trailer showcasing the delinquent gang that is in the midst of being implemented in the game.

The development of Yandere Simulator continues, and today a new trailer has been released, showcasing an upcoming feature.

The video is all about the delinquent gang, which murderous protagonist Yandere-chan will have to deal with during her quest to capture senpai’s heart while murdering all the competition (or otherwise eliminating them).

We can see that the encounter interesting involves combat, and the trailer also showcases a track purposely composed for the game. The feature isn’t 100% complete yet, since there is still bug fixing to be done, but it should come with an update sometime soonish.

It’ll be interesting to see the ways in which the delinquents will be able to hinder Yandere-chan, or maybe even help her. There seem to be some new weapons involved too.

You can check out the trailer below, and if you want to see more, you can also check out another video featuring the student council.

Yandere Simulator is in development for PC, and it semi-recently got a  publishing deal with TinyBuild, that will help to push the game to completion.