Yatagarasu Clears $17,000 in Donations, New Details and Art Revealed

Yatagarasu Clears $17,000 in Donations, New Details and Art Revealed

The Indiegogo campaign for Nyu Media’s lovely 2D fighter Yatagarasu Attack On Cataclysm has raised a respectable $17,452 in donations since it took off just one week ago. With more than 39 days left to the end of the campaign, it seems very likely that Nyu’s $68,000 goal will be met or surpassed. As a small token of appreciation for the community’s strong response to the fundraiser, Nyu has released new art for the fighters Kou and Hanzo, as well as some new details for the PC fighter.

Since the fundraiser met the $10,000 milestone, the game will include a voice-over contributed by well-known Japanese voice actress Uchida Maaya, who also worked on the popular anime The World God Only Knows. They’ve also revealed the talent who will voice Azure, the game’s stoic martial artist. Azure will be voiced by the award winning Japanese voice actor Yuki Kaji, who has worked on best selling Anime series such as Guitly Crown and – a recent favorite of mine – Attack on Titan.

james chen

Finally, the game’s first English language match commentator has also been revealed as none other than James Chen, an influential and important figure in the American fighting game community, most famous for providing exciting commentary on high level matches at some of the top fighting game tournaments in the world, such as EVO. James’ memorable voice and humor will undoubtedly make great additions to the game.

The next nearest stretch goal for the campaign is the $20,000 milestone, at which point the beautiful Kazama Kotaro will be fully funded. Learn more about Yatagarasu, its characters and developers, and pledge your support at the Indiegogo page. View the bonus art below.

Yatagarasu bonus art