Yatagarasu’s Fundraiser Kicks Past the Halfway Point, New Assets Released

on July 19, 2013 8:00 PM

The Indiegogo campaign for Nyu Media’s 2D fighter Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm has recently cleared $34,000 in donations. For those of you keeping track, that’s half of the campaign’s initial long term goal, which is $68,000. As per usual, Nyu has released a new piece of art as a little reward for supporters. This art depicts Kotaro, the lovely dancing fighter. Nyu has also updated the campaign page with fighting style concepts for each of the fighters and a live stream schedule for a number of tournaments for the game that will be held in Japan.

The Yatagarasu 4.2 World Series tournament will be held tomorrow (July 20th) and the tournament will be streamed live via 8WayRun from 4:00 PM EST. Be sure to check the stream out if you want to see this game being played at the high level. The campaign page will be updated with details on the future events at a later time.

Finally, the page has also been updated with fighting style concepts for each of the characters. For example, here’s Kotaro’s:

 Kotaro carries a short sword, but it isn’t her primary weapon. She’ll be agile, have fast attacks, and many mid-air moves. She’ll have either numerous mid-air special attacks or moves to dominate the air.

To check out all of the concepts, pledge your support to Yatagarasu, and learn much more about the game and its developers, roll over to the campaign page. View the new bonus art below.


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