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Yes, Death Stranding Female Character is a Kojima Tribute to Disney's Mary Poppins

Hideo Kojima's love for film resurfaces in a newly-revealed Death Stranding tribute to Disney's Mary Poppins, according to the developer himself.

February 16, 2019

We may not know who Léa Seydoux’s character is yet in the mysterious Hideo Kojima title, Death Stranding, but we do know one thing: her umbrella-clad character is a reference to Disney’s Mary Poppins. Yes, seriously.

How do we know this? Well… the famed developer said so himself. In an out-of-the-blue Twitter post, Kojima let everyone know that the Death Stranding character is a tribute to Mary Poppins. The way you can tell is she has an umbrella and a bag in each hand:

And that fact alone is kind of wild. Everyone knows that Hideo Kojima is a huge film buff, whether it is collaborating with Guillermo del Toro or giving his Twitter takes on the Mads Mikkelsen (and his overwhelming fandom for him).

If you haven’t been following the baby-swallowing, package delivering events that is Death Stranding, you may not have even seen this character. Her first appearance came during last year’s E3 in the extended trailer showcased at the PlayStation E3 event. You can check the full trailer below in 4K:

Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Who knows if just the pair of accessories is a tribute to Mary Poppins or if we will see more information on this, whether she will be dealing with spoiled and oft unsupervised children or be dancing around with penguins. In a Kojima Productions game, almost anything is possible.

Otherwise, the Death Stranding community and fanbase is eagerly awaiting news about the game. By now, many people have had an opportunity to test out the title — film direct Joe Penna went as far as saying it is unlike anything he’s ever seen. Meanwhile, the Metal Gear Solid movie director told fans that they “aren’t ready for what’s in store.” Statements like that are building a constant stream of hype for the mysterious title, so here’s hoping Hideo Kojima can match expectations.

Meanwhile, it’s also worth mentioning that pretty cool fan projects are always being created to keep the community active. Just take a look at the Death Stranding throwback PlayStation-era jewel case which has convinced me that a jewel case comeback is necessary.

Death Stranding currently doesn’t have a release window, but it is planning on coming to PS4. If you want to show your early support for the developer, feel free to pre-order the game on Amazon.

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