Yesterday Releases New Images… Today?

Yesterday Releases New Images… Today?

By the way, Yesterday, from the makers of Runaway, has given away new images today.

Pendulo Studios, the developer behind not only the Runaway trilogy but also The Next BIG Thing, has decided to turn away from the comedic titles they’re known for and try their hand at darker thrillers.

Today’s four new images are of John Yesterday, one of three playable characters in their new game. Yesterday (not to be confused with Yesterday) in an amnesiac struggling with his part, which is understandable since he probably can’t remember most of it. The images show us that even is Pendulo Studios is taking a darker turn with this one, the artistic touch they’re know for is not gone at all.

Yesterday‘s story starts in New York City, where beggars are disappearing of the streets rapidly, the be found a little later on burned alive. At the same time, people with no apparent connection all have a y-shape scar forming on their hands. Henry White and his friend Cooper decided to investigate the disappearances, and are the first two playable characters, with John Yesterday being the third.

The game has an arrival date currently estimated to be sometime early 2012, so keep an eye out for more information as we get it.