New Hero Yin Announced for Paragon; Coming March 14

on March 9, 2017 3:52 PM

Epic Games unveiled Paragon’s newest hero Yin today, and released two new trailers featuring her.

Yin will be added to the game on March 14. She is a mixed melee carry hero who uses both her whip and wind magic to fight her enemies. Her first ability is Backlash. With this ability, Yin cracks her whip, damaging enemies in front of her. If the whip hits an enemy projectile, it reflects the projectile back towards the enemy. Her next ability is Lash Kick, where she uses her whip to pull herself to a target, and proceeds to jump off their head to deal damage.

Her third ability is Windburn, which increases the range of her basic attack and gains her cleave. Her ultimate is named Quelling Gale. With this ability, Yin creates a whirlwind around herself, displacing all enemies within range of it. For 5 seconds after the ability is used, the whirlwind slows enemies and enemy projectiles that go through it.

You can watch both trailers below. Paragon is currently in Open Beta on PC and PS4.

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