Yo-kai Academy Y Gets Three New Trailers Explaining Its Academy City

The next Yo-kai Watch game, Yo-kai Academy Y RPG, boasts its 600 different NPCs and action gameplay with three new TV commercials.

Level-5 published three new TV commercials for Yo-kai Academy Y: Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu, showcasing more gameplay and revealing slightly more on this action RPG. The commercials each focus on a certain aspect of the game.

First off, we have the over 600 different students NPCs players can befriend by being cool enough on campus and getting Likes as they watch you fight.

The second commercial focuses on said fights, and how players first need to gather a crowd of students by triggering Appeals, and then defeat the enemies in a cool way. Truly the reflection of our social media era.

The third commercial goes over the whole game, and how it mixes school life with dungeon exploration. Check the three commercials below.

Yo-kai Academy Y New Commercials

As a reminder, Yo-kai Academy Y is set in a huge school that’s basically a city in itself, with its own shops, facilities, and democratic like system. It even has a legal mafia group and police-like students trying to catch them. We’re speaking about a kids-oriented franchise here, but it’s a Japanese kids oriented franchise. And these are usually much deeper than most’d expect, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it touched the surface of deeper themes like police brutality.

Lastly, the commercials also stress how Yo-kai Academy Y will be a digitally downloadable game, with regular free updates each month. An online multiplayer update will be added after release too.

The last Yo-kai Watch game is Yo-kai Watch 4 ++, available on PS4 and Switch in Japan. It’s the enhanced version of Yo-Kai Watch 4, first launched on Switch. Those with the base game can update via paid DLC.

Yo-kai Watch 4 ++ is also the first Yo-kai Watch game ever that released on something else than a Nintendo console. Revealing Level-5 is switching its strategy after the huge decline the Yo-kai Watch franchise suffered from these past years. Many of those who played the franchise as kids and who could be potential Yo-Kai Academy Y players are now young adults too, so it’s not surprising to see the franchise broadening its horizons platforms-wise.

Yo-kai Watch 4 was announced in the west with no release date. Yo-kai Gakuen Y wasn’t announced in the west yet. In related news, Inazuma Eleven: Heroes Great Road is still in development and is scheduled to launch in “probably 2021”. Akihiro Hino said so on a news post published April 1st.

Yo-kai Academy Y is scheduled to launch in Summer 2020 in Japan, on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. You can read more details on all aspects of the game with our coverage of the previous trailer.

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