Yoko Taro Joins in the TOO KYO Games Teasing With Funny Video

Yoko Taro Joins in the TOO KYO Games Teasing With Funny Video

Another video teasing the launch of Too Kyo Games stars NieR: Automata and Drakengard Director Yoko Taro Himself, and the Plot thickens.

The video teasing for TOO KYO Games is continuing in earnest and Famitsu posted a brand new video featuring the adorable madman himself, Yoko Taro.

In the video he mentions how a certain person (apparently referring about the “famous game developer” spearheading TOO KYO Games) says of him that he’s very good at sex when he gets drunk, followed by a censored line.


This would apparently disprove my theory that the new studio is being formed by Yoko Taro himself, but honestly this video could be intentional misdirection. Besides, knowing Yoko Taro’s persona would it be all that surprising to see him say those things about himself?

We’ll have to wait and see. On Tuesday September 11th everything will be revealed, and I’m still leaning towards thinking that Yoko Taro himself will be the start of the show. Maybe I’m wrong, but that wouldn’t be anything new under the sun either.

We’ll keep you posted here on DualShockers as soon as we know more.