Yoshi’s Crafted World Co-Op Gameplay Looks Adorable in New Footage

Yoshi’s Crafted World Co-Op Gameplay Looks Adorable in New Footage

A new Nintendo Minute video showcases some adorable co-op gameplay from the upcoming Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a charming, beautifully crafted world and this latest video from Nintendo showcases the best of the game through some simple yet classic co-op gameplay.

Kit and Krysta from Nintendo Minute decide to show off one of levels in full detail — both the front side and the flip side — by attempting to achieve 100 percent completion though its co-op mode. One of the most interesting aspects of Yoshi’s Crafted World is that every level has a front and back to it so to speak, which actively encourages exploration and alternate route discovery.

The first feature mentioned are the very cute costumes that Yoshi can sport, a few of them only available through certain amiibo such as Poochy or Mario. They also serve another purpose, granting Yoshi extra hit points when he dons one. Also during co-op mode both player Yoshi can ride in a single costume, and the second player is granted unlimited eggs to throw as a result.

One of the video’s highlights was a surprisingly tense section as the pair run from and fight off an angry and very persistent cardboard rhino. As it turns out, the rhino is needed to pop some balloons with its horn, allowing them to access another area and obtain one of several flower collectibles scattered around. Later on there’s even a little miniquest in the level, in which you can see the mother rhino in the background trying to get to her baby. It’s naturally your job to create a bridge and reunite the two together.

After Kit and Krysta complete the front side of the level, they are able to traverse the flip side and complete a unique set of goals. There seems to be tons of content packed into each level, something many completionists can certainly get behind.

Can I also say how much love and want that giant hand-knitted Poochy plushie Krysta is sporting during the video?

Yoshi’s Crafted World will release for Nintendo Switch on March 29th. Meanwhile you can still play the demo, released back in February, as you await the full game — you can pre-order that now over at Amazon.

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