Yoshinori "The Troll" Ono Teases Street Fighter 3rd Strike: Online Edition

Infamous Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has uploaded a teaser pic of the upcoming super remake Street Fighter 3: Third Strike deceptively called, wait for it…wait just a moment more…Street Fighter 3rd Strike: Online Edition! Fans lovingly pen Ono a troll because his reveals only tend to stir people up. This will be the fifth release of the 3rd Strike and the biggest and presumably only new additions will be online play and improved visuals. Can you think of one game off the top off the top of your head that has been this whored out? Who’m I kidding, of course you can’t.

Anyway, the picture appears to be a compilation of various things from the game, although the Blanka figurine in the forefront makes it pretty hard to see. I spot a versus screen with Ken and Ibuki, some kind of menu with an image of Ken and the title screen in the very back, with various pieces of art scattered about. It looks pretty artsy then. There are no solid release or availability details for Street Fighter 3rd Strike: Online Edition but it’s expected on HD consoles and the PC. More details will probably be revealed at E3, per the tweet.


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