Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets a Release Date and a New Story Trailer

Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets a Release Date and a New Story Trailer

My beautiful, crafty, dinosaur son.

Tonight, through a post on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, Nintendo announced that Yoshis Crafted World will launch on the Nintendo Switch on March 29.

In addition to announcing that the game will be arriving this March, Nintendo also revealed a new story trailer for the game. Uploaded on Nintendo’s official YouTube account, the new trailer shows a group of Yoshi relaxing before being terrorized by Kamek and Baby Bowser. The villainous duo attempt to steal the Yoshi’s Sundream Stones (stones that “possess the power to make anyone’s wildest dreams come true”), however, accidentally scatter them across the world.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the game’s new trailer is Kamek. In addition to being a throwback to Yoshi’s Island, Kamek’s presence in Yoshi’s Crafted World shows that the character is becoming a more prominent part of the Mushroom Kingdom’s lexicon. After playing a nefarious foe in Mario Tennis Aces and making everyone’s life harder in Super Mario Party, it’s exciting to see Nintendo utilize Kamek rather than relying on the old hateable grump Bowser.

Yoshi’s Crafted World has been in development for quite some time. Nintendo initially showed off the game (then titled Yoshi) during its Treehouse Event at E3 2017. Nintendo remained mum on the status of the project for over a year, only officially announcing the game’s title and release window during a Nintendo Direct late last Fall.

All of the time Nintendo spent producing Yoshi’s Crafted World looks like it paid off. Watching the game’s story trailer, I found myself really impressed with the way the game looks. Seriously, similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this game’s art style is so killer that you don’t even realize you’re looking at a Switch game.

You can watch the new story trailer for Yoshi’s Crafted World below. Additionally, you pre-order the game here.

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