You can be The Joker, Two-Face, V and Darth Maul in the ArcheAge Beta

You can be The Joker, Two-Face, V and Darth Maul in the ArcheAge Beta

After finally managing to get into the Korean beta of ArcheAge, I immediately noticed that the boundless Sandbox isn’t the only peculiar thing about the upcoming MMORPG by XL Games.

While the character creation options are still limited for facial features and hairstyles, and a tad inconsistent in their quantity across different races, the option for make up and facial decals are absolutely impressive (to the point of allowing the player to move, resize and rotate scars), but there’s an element that surprised me more than the others: the designers of XL Games went quite far with the homage to some quite popular characters.

You can paint the face of your own character like that of the Joker and Two-Face from Batman, Darth Maul from Star Wars and V from V for Vendetta, wear the face paint of William Wallace from Braveheart and I bet that there are a lot of other references that I didn’t catch.

don’t even know if those options will be part of the final game,  as the legal implications might be just a little tricky.

You can check the make up options for male Nuians, Elves and Hari Haran (females have much more classic make up options that I’ll cover at a later time, and Ferres don’t have any for the moment) below, and squint to see what pop culture references I missed as you imagine yourself spamming the chat of the game with “Why so serious?