You Can Buy The Animal Crossing Switch's Empty Box On The Japanese My Nintendo Store

The "vanity box" will have the same design as the actual packaging for the New Horizons themed console, helping fans look the part without having to drop $300.

February 1, 2020

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed Switch stole the internet’s heart when Nintendo showed it off for the first time Thursday night, so much so that it left many trying to figure out a good enough reason for buying another Switch.

But $300 is a lot of money, money that is often not so easily parted with, even if it’s for a very nice looking game console.

Nintendo, in Japan at least, has come up with a creative solution to this plight. A listing is up on the Japanese My Nintendo store for the New Horizons themed Switch’s packaging.

Yeah, that’s right. The packaging. Not the console, just the box the console is supposed to come in. It will cost 550 yen ($5.07 USD), will be available for pre-order next Saturday, Feb. 8, and has an expected March 20 delivery date (the same day New Horizons comes out).


Called “a vanity box,” according to a probably semi-accurate Google translation, the packaging will have the same design as one that has the actual Switch in it. So those in Japan who can’t justify splurging on a new game console right now don’t have to sweat, they can still get the box and look the part. They do have to put the box together themselves though.

There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

To be a bit more serious, however, I guess the box would make a pretty nice decoration.

The specially-designed Switch (box included) will be available on March 13 for $299.99, a week before Animal Crossing officially makes its debut on the platform. An “Aloha Edition” carrying case and screen protector will be up for sale on that same day too. Take a look at both in the gallery below, and read up on them here and here.

Nintendo also quietly released details on how New Horizons’ multiplayer will work, revealing a series first in the process. You can check that out here.

SOURCES: My Nintendo Store (Japan), Reddit (r/NintendoSwitch)


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