You Can Download and Play Keiji Inafune’s RED ASH’s Demo Mock-up Right Now: Screenshots Inside

You Can Download and Play Keiji Inafune’s RED ASH’s Demo Mock-up Right Now: Screenshots Inside

In an effort to push the Kickstarter campaign further, Comcept just released a mock-up build of RED ASH, playable on PC or in your browser.

You can download the PC version here, or play it in a browser here (it works only with Firefox, apparently).

Here are a few disclaimers:

  • This mock-up is for you to experience the “feel” of Red Ash. There are Mighty No.9 characters as NPCs, but that is only temporary. The completed game will feature the characters from the world of Red Ash. I guess you could consider this a digital collector’s item?!
  • Red Ash is a TPS-style action adventure game, in which players are able to shoot and take down enemies. But those elements are not included in this mock-up.
  • A large part of enjoyment to Red Ash is interacting with the townsfolk and exploring the world freely. The mock-up shows more of the whimsical and playful side of exploration that take places in Red Ash.

And below you can find instructions on how to install and play.

 – How to Launch 

1. Once unarchived, double-click on the Red Ash.exe file.

2. Select “good” and Start the game.

The game should enter its launch sequence.

 – Controls (Keyboard) 

Directional Keys: Move Character

Z: Talk

X: Kick

Spacebar: Jump

Enter: Camera Options

A: Turn Camera Left

D: Turn Camera Right

W: Turn Camera Up

S: Turn Camera Down

 – Controls (Gamepad / such as an Xbox controller) 

Left Stick Inputs: Movement

Up: Move Up

Left: Move Left

Down: Move Down

Right: Move Right

Right Stick Inputs: Camera

Up: Turn Camera Left

Right: Turn Camera Right

Down: Turn Camera Up

Left: Turn Camera Down

B Button: Talk

X Button: Kick

A Button: Jump

Start Button: Camera Options (Normal and Inverted)

 – Terminate App 

Hold the Alt Key, and press F4 to end.

 – How to Uninstall 

1. Right Click the folder in which the App and its contents are located.

2. Choose the option to “Delete” the files.

You can play as both Call and Beck’s Mighty No.9 placeholders or as the RED ASH model of Beck (he’s hidden in  secret room). Just go talk with one you aren’t using to switch. If you want to have fun with physics, try kicking the trash can repeatedly.

You can also kick around Dr. Sanda’s model, and there’s an unique red can that will let you trigger a special effect.

The prototype is very limited, but it has a few secrets here and there. At least we get a chance to check out Mighty No.9‘s models before the game’s release. You can check out some screenshots below.

If you want to contribute to the campaign, you can do so here. At the moment of this writing, the project has gathered $478,050 in pledges.