You Can Get Your Face in Crackdown 3, a Bungie Studio Tour and More by Helping a Good Cause

You Can Get Your Face in Crackdown 3, a Bungie Studio Tour and More by Helping a Good Cause

Would you like to see a character in the upcoming Crackdown 3 look exactly like you? Or maybe you’d prefer visiting Bungie’s studio? That’s not out of reach.

Today the developers behind Crackdown 3 and Destiny announced that they’re taking part in the effort to raise funds for the family of Mike Forgey, well known Producer of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Gears of War 2, who passed away in March.

In order to win your chance to have your likeness placed on a Crackdown 3 character, you have to bid on the dedicated eBay listing, while the listing for the Bungie studio tour is here.

Here are the details for both items:

Your likeness in Crackdown 3.

“Winner of the auction will be required to sign a rights waiver to use their likeness in the game, along with providing a high quality image of themselves.  Image and signed waiver will need to be supplied by June 30th, 2016 to be included in the game.  Included in the waiver is the rights for assignment, agents morph with progression, etc. Details will be coordinated after the auction is completed.”

Bungie Studio Tour:

“This auction item is a patrol beacon set into the landscape of exotic Bellevue, WA.  Your mission will be to explore Bungie’s fully operational studio where the team creates strange new worlds and get an exclusive briefing  for what awaits you in our bright, hopeful future.

Bring 2 of your family friends to tour the space.  Experience new Destiny gameplay with some of the creators who mad it.  Dine with the developers.  And, like any good mission, bring home a haul of exotic loot to show your friends.
All participants must bring themselves to Bungie Studios for the tour.  At least 2 weeks notice is required for scheduling.”

Many other goodies are available, including memorabilia from several games donated by multiple studios, a PS4 20th anniversary edition signed by the folks at Bungie, another PS4 signed by the team at Monolith Productions and more. The auction page with the whole list can be found here.

All proceeds from the auction will go to support Mike Forgey’s family in their moment of need. What are you waiting for?