You Can Help Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Bring Xbox One Units to Hospitalized Children

You Can Help Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Bring Xbox One Units to Hospitalized Children

Being hospitalized is certainly not an experience that anyone would define “fun,” especially for children, that find themselves with their freedom of movement limited, away from their usual pastimes.

Gaming is certainly a hobby that can help those children feel a little more “at home,” as well as creating and re-establishing connections as they play with others in their same situation or with their parents.

A few years ago, Zach Wigal and the Gamers Outreach Foundation created the Go Kart, a wheeled contraption originally carrying a monitor and an Xbox 360, that hospital staff could simply roll all the way to the bed of children unable to move, allowing them to play games with ease.

Last Month, Gamers Outreach crated the Go Kart 2.o,  replacing the Xbox 360 with a new Xbox One.


Of course the consoles and the Go Karts themselves have a cost, so adoption in hospitals isn’t exactly as fast as it could be, and many hospitals and individuals are resorting to fundraising to purchase them and bring them where they should be.

One of such individuals is Aaron Greenberg, whom we all known as the boss of games marketing at Microsoft’s Xbox Division. Greenberg learned that the local Seattle Childrens Hospital had only a single Go Kart with an Xbox 360, that sees intensive use in the ICU with the sick kids that most need it. Yet the hospital has ten departments, which means that most of the young patients can’t have access to one of the machines.

Greenberg himself donated two Xbox One Go Karts to the hospital, and launched a fundraising with a $12,500 goal to bring more to the facility. You can contribute to the fundraising yourself by going here.

Of course, that’s not the only way in which you can help. Gamers Outreach has many other campaigns to bring Go Karts to several different hospitals in multiple locations of the United States, and if you know a place that needs one, you could even start a fundraising yourself.

Below you can see a video in which Wigal himself explains what a Go Kart is, and why it was developed.