You Can Now Create Your Own Meikyu Toro Legasista Characters And Import Them to your PS3 at Launch

You Can Now Create Your Own Meikyu Toro Legasista Characters And Import Them to your PS3 at Launch

We already talked extensively here and here about the fact that crafty players will be able to create from scratch the graphics for their characters in the PS3 Exclusive Meikyu Toro Legasista that will be released in Japan on March the 15th.

What we still didn’t know is that Nippon Ichi Software had another little surprise to share today, and that’s the means to create our own characters even before the release of the game itself. If you can’t wait to test your Photoshop skills, head past the cut to see how.

To create your custom character you will have to draw your own “Oekaki” (that means “Sketch”) and to do so you’ll need to download the Character Creation Kit.

Inside the zip file you’ll find the sample data for Reina (one of the characters of the game) and two folders. The Basic Image Data folder includes the templates you’ll need to draw on, while the Legasista Oekaki Checker folder includes a little program for your PC that will let you check how your character will look when assembled in the game. Unfortunately the readme file and the program are in Japanese, but the whole process is really easy and I’m here to help.


First of all load one of the template files from the Basic Image Data folder in your favorite graphics editing program. If you use photoshop, your best bet is using the .psd version of the template, since it’s layered. Then you’ll have to replace each of the generic parts by drawing the equivalent you want for your character. Even if the Character Organized Table file that shows what is what is in Japanese, it’s quite easy to understand where to draw each part.

After you’re done, save your file as a 32 bit .png, making sure to retain transparency. Also, make sure that the size is 1024×1024 pixels.

Now it’s time to load the Legasista Oekaki Checker program to see if everything is drawn correctly. Use the first option on the top right to bring up the menu. The first option in it will let you import the image data you just created (the second just closes the Checker). Select your .png file and your character will appear in all its glory, provided that you did everything correctly of course.

By playing with the sliders on the right you can decide the order of the layers, letting the program know, for instance, if you want the hair to cover the arms or you prefer them to be visible. The first option on the bottom left changes the gender of the character (that determines their stance: the first option is male, the second is female), the second changes the zoom between 100% and 200%, and the third box lets you decide if to display the weapon and shield, and which weapon to show.  The big button on the bottom right allows you save the preview picture. Make sure to chose a different name than that of your original image data file, of course.


Once the game will be released on March the 15th you’ll be able to load the file on your PS3 and import it directly into the game.

Today Nippon Ichi also published the image data of Tio and Misshi from Falcom’s Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki and of Laharl and Etna from the Disgaea series. By downloading them you’ll be able to use them as guidelines, to play with them in the Checker and to use them in the game at launch. More characters will come in the future.

If you want to check out the creations of other artists or to share yours, Nippon Ichi opened an official bullettin board. Of course most of the content there will be in Japanese, but it may still be worth checking out if you’re interested in the game.

Disclaimer: Nippon Ichi Software or DualShockers are not responsible for any damage caused to your computer or data by the installation or use of the program included in this article. Any commercial use or activity different from personal use is strictly prohibited. The Character Creation Kit is ©2012 Nippon Ichi Software, Inc./SYSTEM PRISMA