PlayStation VR’s Cinematic Mode Allows You to Play Wii U and Xbox One Games

on October 15, 2016 10:07 AM

Want to play Gears of War 4 or Mario Party 10 in VR? Well you can — kind of. Sony’s PlayStation VR only launched this past Wednesday and already people are experimenting like crazy with it. The newest find reveals that the VR headset is compatible with any device that features a HDMI-out port. Meaning, in a limited form, you can play your favorite games from devices such as the Xbox One and Wii U. Nice, right?

The find comes from the good folk over at Digital Foundry who released a video showing third party devices recognizing PlayStation VR as a standard 1080p HD TV.

So what does this mean? Well this means that while you won’t be able to access virtual reality features with any device not called the PlayStation 4, you can use the headset as a a replacement TV or monitor. Essentially, what is going on is the image is being displayed via the PlayStation’s VR cinematic mode as a large 2D screen. It’s not the full-blown virtual reality experience by any means, but its a different way to play Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker at least.

There is a caveat though — an obvious one — the PlayStation VR headset must still be connected to a PS4 via the USB port in order for the cinematic mode to even function. Meaning, you can’t just own the headset, and say a Xbox One and be good to go, you must also be in possession of a PS4.

You can check out the new video from Digital Foundry Below:

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