You can't Play SF with DJ Hero Controller

NEWSFLASH! DJ Hero Controller is only compatible with DJ Hero… Wait you aren’t surprised? Good because neither was I. The DJ Hero peripheral is pretty unique to say the least and does not even have a traditional set of buttons on it.

Well, I had a chance to speak with the Creative Director of DJ Hero, FreeStyleGames’s Jamie Jackson, and I asked him about his game’s proprietary controller. DJ Hero plays very unique, after all. Would his turntable be able to work with other games in the future, much like Guitar Hero/Rock Band?

“No,” he says, after a short pause. “DJ Hero is DJ Hero. If someone needed to use our controller, then they would basically have to rip our game off.”

This is because there will not be another title that will need these special type of control scheme and as the Creative Director points out, if there were it would be a direct “rip off”. I can see this working fine with other iterations DJ Hero, i.e. DJ Hero II if this first title sells well, don’t worry about that. Or perhaps Activision could be after your monies!! ::GASP::

What do you think, big deal or who gives a shit? I am leaning toward the latter since this is more of a niche title that I doubt will have the widespread appeal of the other plastic instrument games although I myself would love to get behind the wheels of steel.

[Via Destructoid]

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