You Should Probably Get The Newly Announced BIT.TRIP COMPLETE

Along with BIT.TRIP SAGA for 3DS, BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, a collection of all six BIT.TRIP games with a ton of bonus content, is coming to the Wii this September.

The bonus content includes 120 new challenges across all six games, a new audio gallery, an image gallery with concept art and production pics, a video gallery with 25 videos of Commander Video being awesome, 6 letters to fans from the series’ director, new difficulty modes, online leaderboards, and a free soundtrack CD. Wow.

I’ve never really played any BIT.TRIP games, but this looks like the perfect way for new people to play the series, with enough new content for old fans of the games.

Also, the soundtracks feature guests like Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Nullsleep, Minusbaby, and Anamanaguchi. If you have any love for chiptune, that should’ve sold you on this forever ago, so you’d better get this when it drops September 13th.

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Justin Hutchison

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