You Want Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens and Info? You Got It!

You Want Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens and Info? You Got It!


In Japan, individual franchises have their own parties. No, really. Today in Japan, Sega held a Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity national fan appreciation event. Those who were there are the event got a special treat, a trailer being shown off for the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2, which we’ve talked a little bit about in the past, including in some of our interviews with our friends at Sega of America (check out both the interviews if you’re a PSO fan, you won’t be disappointed).

The producer of the Phantasy Star series, Satoshi Sakai, got on stage during the event and talk a little bit about the upcoming PC-only (at the moment) title. Of special note is the fact that he said they were aiming to give those who play the game a feeling of adventure that they feel has been lost in today’s RPGs. While that may be exaggerating a bit, we do get the gist of what he was saying. They also seem to be aiming the game at not only franchise fans, but also players of other online games (MMOs, most likely) and even newcomers to the Phantasy Star games and to online gaming, as well.

I personally look forward to more info being revealed on this upcoming cult hit from Sega as we inch toward some alpha events for the title this Summer. Hit the break to check out the first screens that were shown off, most likely taken straight from the trailer that was revealed at the event in Japan.