You’ll Wish that This PS2 Dynamic Theme for PS4 by Truant Pixel Could Actually Be Released

You’ll Wish that This PS2 Dynamic Theme for PS4 by Truant Pixel Could Actually Be Released

There are times in which we’re shown something nice, but we just can’t have it, and this is one of those times.

Truant Pixel just released the video below, showcasing a dynamic PS4 theme they created as a concept paying homage to the intro and desktop of the old and glorious PS2. Unfortunately, it will never be released, as the developer explains.

“I shall first be up front in stating that this would never, ever, ever pass muster as it violates certain functionality principles put in place for dynamic themes. Additionally, I do not have the rights to any of the logos or symbols on display; It is merely an attempt to create a fully functioning concept.

However, as a thought experiment, I couldn’t resist. This went from concept to execution and stable package in less than 3 hours. That is why certain elements may still appear to be ‘rough’ (no refinement has taken place, the timing of the individual animated elements is what was key.)

I should also stress that everything is real-time. From the light trails to the logos, several dynamic fades are utilized to create the illusion of transition, all overlaid above the actual PS4 dashboard, which is running in the background. The intro sequence only plays when the user first logs in, and does not occur again until the next login. No attempts at anything approaching ‘video’ was utilized – hence, all elements run at 60 fps in HD.

From an audio standpoint, the theme loop points are strategically set so it seamlessly loops the ocean ambiance. And of course, all audio is pulled from an actual PS2. 🙂

This is (perhaps an extreme example) of how themes can actually be tricked into having ‘intros’.”

You can check out the video below.