RPG Beat-em-Up Young Souls Revealed with its First Trailer

RPG Beat-em-Up Young Souls Revealed with its First Trailer

Young Souls is a gorgeous 2D co-op game set to cross traditional RPG elements with the fast pace-action expected from classic brawlers.

Indie development outfits The Arcade Crew and  1P2P Studio have unveiled the trailer to their upcoming title Young Souls; a blend of RPG elements and cooperative two-player, beat-em-up action.

The trailer shows a pair of young siblings growing up in a world that doesn’t understand them. Although this may seem like a pretty typical outlook for two teenage outcasts, it’s soon revealed that they are not quite like your regular kids. They discover that their father has gone missing, and so they charge headlong through a gateway to another world doing battle with all manner of beastly warriors.

Young Souls features a gorgeous art style reminiscent of Supergiant Games’ Transistor. The brother-sister combo of Tristan and Jenn can be customized for the battle ahead, allowing the player to access a variety of arms and armor that will alter their characters’ attributes in an RPG fashion. However, the action itself seems to have more in common with old-school 2D brawlers like Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The GameYoung Souls promises to be a narrative-driven experience touching on family values.

Young Souls does not yet have a release window or confirmed platforms, but for more on the game, you can check out its reveal trailer below: