Young Thor is Now Available in Japan

on November 29, 2010 6:15 PM

Young Thor PSN Mini Wallpaper

Frima Studios has launched the release of Young Thor in Japan today for the PlayStation Portable and is available for 500 Yen. Travel throughout Midgard (the world of men) and Asgard (the realm of the gods) and restore balance to the world.

“While the Japanese market differs greatly from the European and North American markets that Young Thor has been so successful in, we feel strongly that a great game with solid foundational mechanics, tight gameplay and a sense of fun and adventure has universal appeal,” said Steve Couture, CEO of Frima Studio. “We’re honored to be among the first ever group of games brought over by SCEJ and we can’t wait for Japanese gamers to get their hands on one of the best and most original titles playable on their PSP systems.”

If you’re curious about how Young Thor plays out, feel free to check out our review from the provided link.

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