Your Pretty Boy Shepard Might Have Trouble Importing to Mass Effect 3

on March 6, 2012 12:15 PM

Mass Effect 3, the latest title in BioWare’s space epic, hit store shelves today and players the world over have been complaining over at the studio’s official forum¬†about a minor snag in the character importing process. What’s that, you say? A bug in an enormous, highly-anticipated game on day one? Preposterous!

It’s not as uncommon as some would expect you to believe and the bug plaguing Mass Effect 3¬†players isn’t anything terribly game-breaking. It’s just that your Commander Shepard may not be a 100-percent-accurate replica of the guy or gal with whom you navigated the first two entries in the series. All the characters’ stats and plot threads move over okay, it’s just the facial features that don’t import correctly. As noticeable bugs go, this is about as minor as it gets. We’re sure BioWare will patch things up soon.

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