Your PS3’s Body is Ready for the Vita

on November 30, 2011 9:30 AM

The PlayStation 3 is getting another firmware update this week, bringing us to version 4.0. Included in this update is a special treat: in anticipation of the handheld’s release on December 15 in Japan and February 22 of next year in North America, your PS3 will be updated to support the PlayStation Vita.

Sony describes this update as the definitive one for transforming the PS3 into a “content management device.” Music, videos, and game saves stored on the Vita can be transported back and forth from the PS3, allowing the console to serve as a separate, more spacious hard drive for the handheld. The PS3 will also have the capability to update the Vita’s firmware for it. Isn’t that sweet?

PlayStation Plus members are also getting a little more bang for their buck. Members will now be able to choose which automatic update features to enable, such as downloading game patches and syncing trophies. The update will also set in place a new system for filtering friend requests and messages.

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