Horror Exploration Game Your Star Receives First Major Patch on Steam

Horror Exploration Game Your Star Receives First Major Patch on Steam

Back on January 2nd, developer natahem released their indie horror game Your Star. Only a few weeks later the first major update has been implemented. The team has taken into account player feedback and are working to make the game a smooth and easier experience for all.

The story concerns a child trapped in a strange mansion with only a teddy bear for companionship. The toy provides an extra function as it can produce light to illuminate the pitch black rooms. However, shadow monsters are attracted to the bear when it glows so the player must make sure not to rely on it too much.

The game is an interesting mix of exploration, horror, adventure, and puzzle solving. There are numerous ‘riddles’ found in the mansion and cracking them is key to improve your stats. Your ‘mind’ protects you from madness while your ‘will’ protects you from the darkness.

The art is suitably janky and rough, encapsulating the idea of an innocent boy trying to perceive the terror around him. Interestingly all the backgrounds are based off of hand-drawn environments that the artist put onto paper in real life.

The major update for Your Star addresses some small issues while trying to make things clearer for players:

  • more resources at the beginning of the adventure (ink pots and medications) so it is more easy to save and heal.
  • limit the overall maximum obscurity and the minimum of light the player can reach, so it’s always possible to see the surrounding.
  • add more guidance and indications in the texts.
  • display help messages in the map menu to help the player in the main quest

The folks at natahem are also keeping an eye on the struggles of players to complete the game as they mention Steam guides along with their patch notes. ‘Some guides are available also on the Steam Page for the first parts of the main path.’

Your Star is currently available on Steam for $6.99 USD.