Your Weekly PVC: Gensoky-No Edition

December 11, 2011

It’s been a rather slow week for videogame figures, probably to make up for how busy last week was. There really isn’t much coming out at all right now, likely because everyone’s holding stuff back until the end of this month and early January.

So we’re having to take a look at… Touhou figures. Yes, I understand that Touhou (at this point) is more focused around what people produce about the videogames than the actual games themselves, but they’re still good games, and there are some good figures based off of the games out there.

Put on some Touhou Euro Flash and hit the jump for three (well… two, you’ll see what I mean) new figures and your Unnecessary Accessory of the week.


Touhou Project – Utau Cirno-chan Complete FigurePerfect Math Cirno Complete Figure

  • Manufacturer: Aquamarine
  • Series: Touhou Project
  • Price: 7,980 Yen/$103
  • Release Window: late March, 2012

Because everyone loves Cirno and saving money, Aquamarine has produced two extremely similar figures of the Touhou character. One is based off of the “Perfect Math” version of Cirno made by doujin group IOSYS where she’s smart, contrasting with the canonical version of her where she’s an idiot. And then there’s this other one where she’s a pop star. Not sure if that’s from anything.

As you can tell, they reused a lot of parts between the two figures; they’re almost exactly the same structurally, excluding the left arm, type of ribbon on their chest, and quantity of glasses. That’s not really a bad thing necessarily, since it should help keep prices down, but… both of these figures cost $100 individually, so it didn’t help much. They are nice-looking figures (though I’m not really into this style of figure), but even then, that’s asking for a lot, especially in comparison to figures of a similar price.

Touhou Project 1/8 Complete and Elegant Servant Sakuya Izayoi -Youyoumu ver.- Complete Figure

  • Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
  • Series: Touhou Project
  • Price: 7,000 Yen/$90
  • Release Window: Released (Sold Out as of the time of writing)

Though I’m not a big fan of the oft-generic anime style that most Touhou figures go for, especially in Griffon’s line, I appreciate their subtle references to ZUN’s original (and horrific) character designs, mostly in the way the characters are shaded, most notably on the dress of Sakuya here. Despite its flaws, I’ve always kind of liked Sakuya’s design, and I feel this figure lives up to it pretty well.

Unfortunately, it is currently sold out, and AmiAmi has no word on if Griffon will be restocking them. A shame, but that’s the way it goes with a lot of Touhou merch.

And this week’s Unnecessary Accessory Award goes to…

K-On!! Full Graphic Jacket [COSPA]

I should send COSPA a plaque for this at some point at some point. Just… wow. There isn’t a single inch of this jacket that isn’t covered in K-On!! characters, and the extremely bright coloration on the parts of the jacket that don’t have anime girls on them just makes it even worse.

If it wasn’t in XL only, I’d buy one, only to attempt wearing it in an ironic fashion.

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