Your Weekly PVC: More Anime Jeans Edition

I’ll never understand anime jeans. If anything, they’re a tribute to how effective branding can be; people will buy anything if you slap their favorite anime on it, even really bad jeans that you could buy for $5 at a Goodwill.

This week, along with COSPA’s fifth set of anime jeans, we have new figures from Metal Slug, Valkyria Chronicles, and Uncharted 3, so hit the jump for more on those.

Metal Slug 4 – Fiolina Germi Complete Figure

  • Manufacturer: Embrace Japan
  • Series: Metal Slug
  • Price: 7,680 Yen/$99
  • Release Window: late March, 2012

I haven’t paid much attention to Embrace Japan’s previous work, but I really like what I’ve seen of this figure of Fio from Metal Slug 4. Admittedly, a lot of this stems from me being a big Metal Slug fan and Fio being my favorite Metal Slug character, but it’s still a good-looking figure. My only big issue is the price; $99 is a lot for a figure like this, to say the least. I’ve heard about similar price increases for other more militaristic figure designs (like the Army-tan Nendoroids), so maybe they’re doing it because they can gouge out military otakus. It’s very disappointing for me though.

Valkyria Chronicles – Selvaria Bles Swim Suit Ver. Complete Figure

  • Manufacturer: Alter
  • Series: Valkyria Chronicles
  • Price: 6,980 Yen/$89.95
  • Release Window: late April, 2012

I’m generally a big fan of whatever Alter puts out, but this is… somewhat disappointing for me, really. I mean, I really liked Valkyria Chronicles and all, but this design is so over-the-top, scantily clad, and overtly sexual that it’s wearing on me a bit. I’ve got nothing against people who are into that stuff, but I’ve never been a fan of paying a lot of money for something that I wouldn’t display publicly because of that. Also, extremely large, nearly-exposed breasts on figures creep me out. It’s like they’re staring at me from across the room. Same for the King of Cosmos’ bulge. And it’s always seemed to me like Selvaria is the Aigis of Valkyria Chronicles; tons of figures of them at the expense of there being ones for other characters. But hey, if you’re into that sort of thing, this is Alter, so you know it’s going to be well-crafted.

Uncharted 3 Play Arts Kai – Nathan Drake Action Figure

  • Manufacturer: Square-Enix
  • Line: Play Arts Kai
  • Series: Uncharted
  • Price: 3,940 Yen/$50.80
  • Release Window: late March, 2012

Should we just have a weekly Play Arts Kai segment or something? Jeez. They’re still making good poseable figures though, as proven by this one of Drake from Uncharted 3. The jointing seems better than on their previous figures, and he actually looks like Nolan North now. My own little Nolan North… mmm…. Yeah, this sounds like a good product. Excellent job.

And this week’s Unnecessary Accessory award goes to…

Mobile Suit Gundam – ZEON The Earth Invasion Jeans (Field Operation Type)

Anime jeans are always winners here. Thanks, COSPA. And, for more anime jeans, you should check these out. Though, remember, you could buy two Fios for the price of one of these pairs of jeans, and that’s terrible.

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