YouTube Begins Testing New Clips Feature for Gaming Channels

YouTube Begins Testing New Clips Feature for Gaming Channels

With testing started among several gaming channels, YouTube is planning to bring a Twitch-like clipping feature in the future.

For the past several years, YouTube has been aggressively trying to expand its presence as one of the go-to places for gaming content creators against its main competitor, Twitch. While it’s often ahead in some cases, in other areas YouTube is playing catch-up for the streaming crown, with the company now starting to rollout the ability for users to share clips of their footage for all to enjoy.

YouTube detailed that it’s testing a new clipping feature that will allow users to trim short segments of their videos or streams to share on YouTube and other platforms. Currently, the feature is in testing with “a small group of creators” on desktop and Android devices and will arrive for iOS devices soon. The clipping feature will let users share video clips at a minimum of 5 seconds and up to 60 seconds, and for the most part works seamlessly to let users select a section of their video to export as a clip with looped playback.

While YouTube will plan for the feature to be incorporated across all types of video content, it will likely get quite a bit of use out of gaming content creators that are looking to share smaller clips from their streams. While Twitch has had the ability for users to share clips for several years, YouTube noted that this feature has been “highly requested” by its community for some time, with future updates to come based on user feedback.

At the moment, the clips feature on YouTube is being tested by a select group of content creators, but more information and details on its wider availability will be shared at a later date by the company.