It Sure Seems Like YouTube is Headed to the Nintendo Switch

It Sure Seems Like YouTube is Headed to the Nintendo Switch

Over the course of the last few days, it's been looking more and more likely that a YouTube app is being developed for the Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this week, Nintendo Switch users reported seeing YouTube listed as a suggested app on the Nintendo eShop. After this initial story broke, whisperings of an upcoming Nintendo Switch YouTube app started heating up with additional reports coming forward that sure make it seem like a YouTube app is finally headed to the Switch.

The first piece of evidence, as reported by Nintendo World Report, is that YouTube has created a feedback page solely for the Nintendo Switch. This webpage, which can be viewed here, allows users to share issues with YouTube, request features, and submit error codes. While the existence of this webpage all but confirms that YouTube is planning an app for the Switch, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the app will be available anytime soon. One popular theory floating around the internet suggests that Nintendo will host a Nintendo Direct on November 8th and announce the app there, however, this rumor is wholly unsubstantiated.

In addition to the YouTube feedback page mysteriously appearing, the official Team YouTube Twitter account also “liked” a tweet referring to the Nintendo Switch YouTube app. Originally tweeting in Portuguese, Reddit user r/l3onad0 tweeted about being excited about the Nintendo Switch YouTube app. Much to r/l3onado’s surprise, the tweet was liked by the verified Team YouTube account.

So here you have it– three small, unrelated instances that occurred in the last week that really, really makes it seem like a YouTube app is coming to the Switch. While it’s all fun and good to play Sherlock Holmes with Nintendo’s business practices, the fact that Switch users have to snoop around to determine when their console will be able to access YouTube is kind of absurd. I mean, come on man, it’s 2018– there are literal refrigerators that let you download more apps than the Switch.

Welcome to Nintendo’s online infrastructure, baby, where anticipating basic features and rudimentary support is all the rage. Between the ridiculous amount of time it took Nintendo to implement cloud saves and the lack of matchmaking ratings in a game like Mario Tennis AcesNintendo’s online features (or lack thereof) are certainly a headscratcher. But hey, look on the bright side, at least we get access to games like Super Mario Bros. and other NES games that we all paid for ten times already. That being said, the Nintendo online gamer support group meets on Thursdays, please bring your own beer.