YouTube Stands by Controversial Content ID System

YouTube Stands by Controversial Content ID System

YouTube has reached out to users upset over YouTube’s aggressive, and controversial new copyright sweeps in an email letter published by Kotaku. In the letter, YouTube failed to address the outburst of criticisms from the community, instead it offered an explanation of how the new Content ID system works, and recommendations on how to function with it.

If you’re creating videos with content from other people, remember that rights ownership can be complicated and different owners have different policies. Be aware of music. Many games allow you to turn off background music, while leaving sound effects enabled. And if you’re looking for music you can freely use (and monetize!), check out our Audio Library.

 YouTube’s letter is a clear sign that the internet video giant is not planning to step down from its current stance, and offers no apologies to those genuinely affected by it. The Content ID system has negatively affected Lets Plays, review videos, features, and other related videos that use intellectual property owned by others, even if the owner of that property hasn’t actually made a claim, yet YouTube stands by their vision that this policy will make the system a fair chance for everyone involved.

Whether gaming, music or comedy is your passion, know that we love what you do. We’ve worked hard to design Content ID and other tools to give everyone — from individual creators to media companies — the opportunity to make great videos and earn money. As YouTube grows, we want to make sure we’re providing the right product features to ensure that everyone continues to thrive.

It seems that at least for now, YouTubers will have to adjust a good amount of content, video and music in order to get by the Content ID claims, and regain the income produced by their work.