YouTube Video Outs New Mass Effect 2 DLC

YouTube Video Outs New Mass Effect 2 DLC


We’ve known about the Arrival DLC for critically and commercially successful action RPG Mass Effect 2 since about two weeks ago when some uncovered trophies for the PS3 version named some names.

Now we’ve got even more concrete evidence of the DLC and you’ll never guess where it was found: inside the box of Dragon Age 2. A YouTube video showing an unboxing of the title revealed  a flyer inside the case that shows the Mass Effect 2 logo and beneath it reads:

The Invasion Has Begun

No details are available on the upcoming, unofficially announced DLC except that it will supposedly be the last piece of DLC for the highly successful game. Check out our review of Mass Effect 2 here. I’ve embedded the video of the unboxing after the break.