YouTuber Goes Behind The Camera of Twilight Princess

YouTuber Goes Behind The Camera of Twilight Princess

Boundary Break tackles Twilight Princess in this video and continues to be one of my favorite shows on YouTube.

As many of you readers have seen before, I am a big fan of the show Boundary break on the YouTube channel Shesez. In the show, he moves the camera in your favorite video games to show off what is behind walls, underneath floors, and other fascinating stuff. In the latest episode, he dove into one of my favorite titles, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. If you are a  regular reader you have probably figured out that I am a big Zelda fan.

In this episode, there were definitely some interesting tricks the developers used. Many of them not actually being inside the game and on the title screen. As many of you know, the title screen of Twilight Princess begins with Link riding across Hyrule field with Hyrule Castle in the background. As he makes his way through the field, the camera inevitably ends up on Wolf Link howling up toward the sky. But what is funny is that you can move the camera and see that both characters are in the shot at the same time.

Another neat thing at the title screen is when the logo appears and you are supposed to press start to begin your journey. Well, it just so happens to be that the press start text is on the HUD of the screen while the actual logo is rendered within the game. If the camera is turned to the side, you can see the logo floating in the middle of the air out in the middle of Hyrule field.

If you find some of these finds interesting, make sure to give the video a view, there is a lot more fascinating stuff. Or you can check out the previous episode that covered The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds or Shovel Knight.