Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Gets New TGS 2019 Gameplay Video, Character Details and Bonus Costumes

Falcom announced Ys IX will be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2019 and revealed artwork for some of the shop-specific preorder goods.

August 30, 2019

Falcom released a new gameplay video for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on August 30. Falcom will be present on Konami’s booth at Tokyo Game Show 2019, from September 12 to 15. The gameplay video they published will be the one broadcast there. Ys IX will be playable there as well.

Those who play the demo there will get some freebies goods, shown at the end of the video.

The gameplay sequence reintroduces the 6 Monstrum characters. We’ve translated their profiles in the past if you didn’t check them yet: we’ve got the Red King/Adol, White Cat, Hawk, Doll, Raging Bull, and Renegade. We also get to see more story event scenes and battles. The gameplay video is included below.


Falcom also updated Ys IX‘s official website, revealing new side characters appearing in the game. Here are their profiles:

Maxim, voiced by Toshiki Kusu. Maxim is a mysterious man who’s always with an Ural owl he calls Arthur. He’s a merchant and information broker part of the black market of Balduq, selling confidential information and illegal goods. For a certain reason, he’s particularly interested in gathering information on the captives in the city’s prison.

Salady, voiced by Kazusa Aranami.  Salady is a traveling doctor currently staying in Balduq to help another doctor she’s friends with. She’s liked by the residents and even offers to cure poor people for free. It seems like she’s looking for “something” and also regularly shows up at the bar restaurant Adol and Dogi are hiding in.

Silhouette, voiced by Natsuko Hara. Silhouette always wears an eerie mask. But besides the weird mask, she’s not a weird person at all and always acts elegantly and rationally. She works for a certain person she calls “master”. She ended up getting unjustly captured by the knights and thrown into Balduq’s jail because of her suspicious mask. Her mask has a mysterious power which hides a certain particularity about her from other people’s eyes.

Tite, voiced by Takafumi Oono. Tite is an apprentice blacksmith with a gentle heart. His father, who was also his master, died a few years ago. Tite is now trying to make a living for Arche, his much younger little sister. It seems like his father owned a special hammer which could imbue weapons with the power to repel evil.

Xavier, voiced by Kyōka Moriya. Xavier is a Roo, creatures referred to as “Sacred Beasts” and found in all the continent of Eresia. Most Roo normally don’t speak human language, but Xavier can, and acts pretty arrogantly towards humans. It seems like he used to live in Balduq’s prison, and decides to help Adol after meeting him.

Falcom also announced those who preorder the digital version of Ys IX will get the 2 mini OSTs included in the physical limited editions, an Ys IX PS4 theme and Ys IX avatars.

Falcom also revealed the designs of the previously announced bonus costumes included in shop-specific preorders bonuses. Doll’s costume is at Geo, Raging Bull’s costume is at Amazon and White Cat’s costume is at Dengekiya. The artworks for the Raging Bull tapestry at Wonder Goo,  and the White Cat tapestry at Sofmap, were also revealed.

Dengekiya preorders also get a B2 tapestry with Adol/Red King and an exclusive Ys IX: Monstrum Nox yonkoma gag manga.

Falcom also revealed its September calendar. You can grab other sizes here.

You can read more about Ys IX’s characters, story and check more gameplay and screenshots in our previous articles here, here and here.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox launches on September 26 in Japan, on PS4. The game isn’t scheduled to come west for now as Falcom is focusing on releasing it in Japan first. You can read more in our interview with Toshihiro Kondo.

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