Ys IX Montrsum Nox First Trailer Revealed

Ys IX Montrsum Nox First Trailer Revealed

A brand new trailer for Ys 9 Monstrum Nox was revealed by Falcom.

Falcom revealed the first full-length trailer for Ys IX Monstrum Nox. The trailer was shown on this week’s Dengeki PlayStation Live stream. The trailer was later uploaded on Falcom’s official youtube.

The trailer has one of the game’s BGM playing, and it’s awesome just like every Falcom game BGM.  The trailer also gives us new pieces of information:

As we already know, the Monstrum characters of Ys IX each have special abilities they can use. These can be used for movement as well. The trailer reveals that each Monstrum can use another Monstrum’s movement ability, without switching characters. We can see for example Hawk using his own ability Hunter Glide while using the red-haired Mosntrum’s Crimson Line ability to teleport.

Ys IX was already confirmed to use a party system, with the usual Slash, Strike, Pierce types found in previous recent Ys games. However, the trailer for the first time shows gameplay with an actual party of three.

It’s also worth noting that technically, the red-haired Monstrum still wasn’t officially confirmed to be Adol, furthermore hinting that something happens to him. The “real” Adol, with his red hair bleached in blue to hide his identity, was already shown along with Dogi. The end of the trailer shows Adol with his trademark red hair, as you can see with the screenshot above.

It’s also worth mentioning that Falcom published a picture with the two together on June 12, which is “Lover’s Day” because of a pun on how the date can be read. Falcom also published new Ys IX screenshots on Twitter, you can find them below along with the trailer (1:48:18 timestamp).

We’ve detailed the Monstrum in previous articles. You can read about White Cat and Hawk here, and here are the details on Doll, Renegade and Raging Bull, along with gameplay and the game’s Limited Edition details.

Ys IX Monstrum Nox launches on September 26 in Japan exclusively on PS4. The game wasn’t announced in the west yet but will definitely come over at some point.