Ys Seven Launches on PC With New Trailer Showing HD Graphical Updates

Ys Seven Launches on PC With New Trailer Showing HD Graphical Updates

XSEED launched a new trailer for the action-RPG title Ys Seven for PC, available now on PC-via Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store by Humble Bundle.

Originally released as a PSP exclusive in 2010, Ys Seven PC brings the game to PC with a handful of improvements for new and returning fans. The game features fast paced action combat with a deep story and many character interaction. Players must travel with their party through the Kingdom of Altago and discover what is causing the region so much disorder.

Players will control a party of three, where they will be able to switch the playable character on the fly depending on the enemy’s weakness.

This new PC port features HD graphical updates running at 60fps, with support for a variety of resolutions. Additionally, the team at XSEED have revised the localization to improve the game’s story and pace.

Ys Seven stars the adventurer Adol as he arrives in Altago with his travel companion Dogi. The two quickly discover that foreigners are the most well liked people in the kingdom and end up getting thrown in jail after an altercation with some guards. The king of Altago recognized Adol by his red hair and requested that he help them with the outpour of monsters and earthquakes that are affecting the region.

If you’d like to know more, I wrote my impressions of Ys Seven PC.

You can check out the new launch trailer along with new screenshots below: