XSEED Adds Ys Seven to the List of Falcom Titles Coming to PC in the West

XSEED Adds Ys Seven to the List of Falcom Titles Coming to PC in the West

During a special Twitch stream of Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, XSEED announced they will bring Ys Seven to PC-via Steam.

XSEED’s version of Ys Seven will be a new contracted version of the game not from the chinese PC version. The game will run at 60fps with a resolution as high as possible for a PSP port. Additionally, the XSEED team has looked over the localization of the original PSP version and made some corrections.

Originally released on PSP in 2010, Ys Seven follows Adol Christin on a new adventure after reaching the Capital of Altago with his partner Dogi. Shortly after they end assisting two civilian girls that were being harassed by an army force known as the Dragon Knights and get thrown in jail.

Having a reputation, the king of the requested their help with investigating the surrounding lands that had recently began acting strangely. This left Adol and Dogi to set out once again on a harmless adventure that will probably turn out grander than either of them expected.

Ys Seven features action RPG elements found in previous Ys titles. This title shies away from the elemental weapons system and instead focuses on inflicted damage determined by what type of weapon the character has. Such as, piercing will affect flying damage higher than a sword might.

As a character uses a particular weapon in battle they’ll be able to gain skills for that weapon. Additionally, players are able utilize the block system to gain a critical hit or reduce damage received.

Currently XSEED is also working on localizing another of Falcom’s action RPG series Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, coming to PC.

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo about the Ys series and how Falcom approaches development on the titles.