Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Receives English Character Details for Main Protagonists

NIS America updated the official webpage for the upcoming action RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC on September 12 in North America and September 15 in Europe.

The publisher details the main cast of characters and their profile description.

From the information provided, it seems NISA is being consistent with the previous Ys localizations, as previously promised. This means that Adol is not a 16 year old boy who discovered the land of Ys through reading books in his parent’s attic.

The fan idea of an altered localization stems from this being the publishers first Ys localization. In the past, publisher XSEED took on the task of working on the series, and created a universe for the Ys universe through their translation and localization teams.

The publisher details each character below:

Adol Christin 

  • He left his homeland, a nameless village in the Europe region, when he was just 16 years old and dated to adventure in the Ancient Kingdom “Ys,” the Land of Mystery “Celceta,” and more. Although young, he is respected as an expert “adventurer.”He was traveling across the Gaete Sea as a passenger of the Lombardia when the ship was attacked by an unseen giant sea creature. He went missing along with the other passengers.


  • A mystical blue-haired girl who appears in Adol’s dreams. Contrary to her elegant looks, she has a wild imagination and acts quite bold, much to the surprise of her peers.She seems to live in an advanced civilization with no record of ever having existed in the Eresia region. Adol experiences her life through his dreams, but…


  • Daughter of the noble Roswell family of Garman, who was on the Lombardia.She attempts to act like a humble noble, but her inflated sense of pride and stubborn inclinations make it a fruitless effort. In Castaway Village, where all manner of social status and job classes mingle, she feels like a fish out of water, but she decides to utilize her knowledge about ancient organisms and wildlife to assist Adol.


  • A fisherman from Greek who is a dynamic, generous, and cheerful fellow.Laxia is often appalled by his frank and sometimes crude outbursts, but he is warm and sincere – even prone to crying when things get too emotional. He is highly knowledgeable about the sea and has his own philosophy about fishing. He has a family to get home to, which is why he decides to help Adol and escape the Isle of Seiren.


  • An enigmatic “Transporter” who goes rogue on the Isle of Seiren.He takes pride in his work and his serious personality causes him to fulfill any duty that is requested of him. He is also a stickler for cleanliness. He drifted ashore along with a package that he was in the midst of transporting, but keeps mum about both the package and the details of his transportation request.He possesses a new type of weapon called a “gun” that is described as a small-scale cannon.


  • A girl who was living on the Isle of Seiren before Adol and the others found themselves there.Ricotta is innocent to a fault and well-versed in both the island’s geography and the Ancient Species. She gleaned all of her other knowledge and vocabulary from documents and books that drifted to the island shore, so her language skills are sometimes lacking.She’s been waiting a long time for her father to return from his exploration of the island…

Earlier, the publisher revealed that the game’s PlayStation 4 English demo will be available during E3 2017 for fans to play for the first time.

You can check out key images of the characters mentioned in order below:

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