Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue III, Gives More Details on The Game and its New Focus

Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue III, Gives More Details on The Game and its New Focus

Yesterday legendary Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki took the internet by storm, kicked Kickstarter on its knees and gathered two million dollars in pledges in less than nine hours with Shenmue III.

Today, he provided more information about the game during a livestream from the E3 showfloor.

Here are some interesting points made during the show:

  • Yu Suzuki was getting nervous backstage before the announcement of Shemue III‘s Kickstarter, because he did not know if he could compete with all the big IPs that were getting announced, but then he heard the reaction of the crowd, and realized that it was just fine.
  • You don’t need to have played the first two games to enjoy the third, and one of the stretch goals is to include some flashback videos.
  • In Shenmue III the open world and freedom elements will be preserved, but Suzuki-san wants to also focus on the relationship between Ryo and Shenhua and on how they grow as people together.
  • The only reason why the game will be made is because of the fans, he Suzuki-san couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to finally meet expectations. He feels the pressure, but he thinks he’ll be able to satisfy the need for the game and to make something special.
  • According to Sony’s Gio Corsi, Shenmue III was the game most in demand for the #Buildingalist campaign. Sony met with Suzuki-san at GDC last year, and started the long road to get to the Kickstarter. They figured that the only way the game could be made was if the fans spoke up, and Kickstarter is the perfect place to see that. They set the two million dollars goal, pledging to make the game a reality if that was achieved. Corsi explained that Sony is “definitely a partner” for Shenmue III “the whole way.”

I have to admit that when I saw those cherry petals on the black screen during yesterday’s conference, I struggled to hold back a tear or two. We have waited long for this, but at long last Shenmue is coming back.

At the moment the kickstarter campaign is at $2,760,648, and you can help making the game a reality yourself here.