Yuna is Final Fantasy Dissidia NT’s Next DLC Character

Yuna is Final Fantasy Dissidia NT’s Next DLC Character

Yuna is joining the roster for Final Fantasy Dissidia NT on December 7 as the second to last DLC character from the season pass.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X is making her return in Final Fantasy Dissidia NT in December. This was revealed through a new trailer that shows her magic abilities as well as her ability to summon Valefor for extra damage. She will be joining Tidus and Jecht as the representation for Final Fantasy X in this crossover fighting game.

After watching the trailer, it looks as if Yuna is primarily a range-focused characters with combo abilities using Valefor and various magic spells. From ranged bursts to homing spells, it seems Yuna might be a solid addition to the crossover Final Fantasy brawler. We’ll have to wait until the DLC release to know for sure, but she seems to have some great potential in certain matchups that require some zoning ability.

Yuna also will be getting an additional costume – her wedding dress from the wedding with Seymour in Final Fantasy X. Yuna is the second to last DLC fighter from the season pass.

There has bee no word on whether there will be an additional season pass after the final character. However, you can buy Final Fantasy Dissidia NT on Amazon. And if you want to just relive the good old Final Fantasy X days, Nintendo announced a re-release of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD just for the Nintendo Switch that you can also pre-order.

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