Yves Guillemot Warns Vivendi Takeover Will “Kill Creativity”

Yves Guillemot Warns Vivendi Takeover Will “Kill Creativity”

According to a recent article from Bloomberg, the co-founder of monolith publisher Ubisoft Entertainment is still warning of the dangers of a hostile takeover. These are by no means empty threats, with a takeover from French conglomerate Vivendi seeming imminent given their current ownership of 15% of the company.

Guillemont claims the best weapon has against a Vivendi takeover is the possible mass-departure of creative talent:

While Ubisoft has done its due diligence — courting investors and hiring bankers to sound out alternatives — Guillemot, 55, knows that his best weapon is his talent. He’s said that a hostile takeover by Vivendi would “kill creativity.”

Specifically, Ubisoft claims they manage to offer creative talent both the money and freedom that other companies can’t match. This is why previous takeover attempts by Electronic Arts failed nearly a decade ago.

Vivendi doesn’t hold a particular warm spot in the hearts of many gamers or developers — they previously controlled Blizzard and Activision before the two companies managed to buy their own freedom back, so to speak.