Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets Character Details and Release Window in Japan

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Gets Character Details and Release Window in Japan

Spike Chunsoft released new character information and profiles for their upcoming visual novel Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

Spike Chunsoft released new information about their dungeon crawler visual novel Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, announced to release in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this Summer. Currently, the game has been confirmed for release in North America and Europe for PS4 and PC but has a release window set for Spring 2019. However, this could just be a placeholder.

In Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, players will control eight characters who each represent one of the seven deadly sins, with one of the characters embodying an original sin.

The characters are:

  • Haruto Higurashi – Sloth: Straightforward and serious. He lacks flexibility and goes out of his way to protect people through his writing.
  • Ryo Mikajime – Envy: Cheerful and sociable in large groups. He comes off as shallow but is still liked by everyone.
  • Zen Kubota – Wrath: Works as a farmer and knows how to survive for more than others in the group. He hides his cynical attitude behind his charming looks.
  • Mamoru Ichiyo – Greed: Wears gold chains, even when working as a doctor. Each going and says the word “Love” a lot.
  • Rinko Susukino – Lust: A florist who is very kind and hard-working. She is slightly airheaded and cautious.
  • Yuma Mashiro – Gluttony: A rich girl who takes things at her own pace.
  • Minamo Setiouchi – Pride: A lighthearted woman with a strong sense of justice.
  • Sachika Hirasaka – Original Sin: A girl with a prosthetic arm and leg, she holds a special skill that allows her to stay looking young.
  • Sho Terashima: Host of “Extend TV” who gives characters tasks to complete around the island.
  • Mirai: Co-host of “Extend TV” who talks with Sho about various events.

You can check out the character profile pictures below: