Zanki Zero for PS4 and PC Gets New Screenshots Showing Cloning, Progression, and Base Building

Zanki Zero for PS4 and PC Gets New Screenshots Showing Cloning, Progression, and Base Building

Spike Chunsoft released a new batch of screenshots for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, the post-apocalyptic JRPG by the team behind Danganronpa.

Today Spike Chunsoft released a batch of screenshots of its upcoming JRPG Zanki Zero: Last Beginning.

The first element that we get to see is the “Shigabane system.” When your character dies you can extend his life by cloning him. The Shigabane system strengthens the new cloned body according to the cause of death of the old one. If you die due to the attack from an animal, the new body will suffer less damage from them. If you get killed by poison, your character will become less likely to be poisoned.

In addition to the direct cause of death, there are Shigabane that are applied depending on the situation in which your character died, for instance, “death when stress has accumulated” or “death in dark alleys.”

Each clone has a cross-shaped object embedded in their navel. This is called a character key, and it records their memories so that they can be injected in new clones.

Every time a character level up, they can use skill points (SP) to learn new skills. Skills are classified as Battle, Crafting, and Exploration. There are also special skills that for instance appear only during childhood. Acquired skills aren’t lost upon death, but passed on to the cloned body. There are different skills that each character can learn, but they don’t have a fixed role. The player is free to decide which skills to master and which role each character will play.

We also learn about the base camp. In the beginning, the only facility is the water tower. In order to improve the ability to survive it’s necessary to explore the ruins to find materials that can let you unlock new facilities. They include basic things like toilets, a workshop that can improve weapons and armor, and a kitchen that lets you cook the ingredients you find.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release in Japan on July 15th for PS4 and PS Vita, while the west will get the game at a yet unannounced date for PS4 and PC.